Every piece of Luke Rose jewellery is exceptionally handcrafted to the highest standard, using only the fines quality metal and stones. Rhodium plating is usually only used on white gold, to give it a whiter, brighter appearance. We use the same luxurious process on all of our sterling silver jewellery as well as our white gold pieces. Rhodium plating not only prevents the silver from tarnishing but also gives it the same rich, white appearance of white gold.

Always put your rhodium plated jewellery on last when getting ready, this will help avoid contact with perfume, lotions and hair products, all of which can damage the plating.

Never rub your rhodium plated jewellery. It is OK to clean your jewellery with a damp soft cloth, making sure it is dry before wearing again. Never use jewellery polishing cloths or jewellery cleaners as this can fade your plating.

We recommend keeping your plated jewellery in its original packaging when not being worn, to avoid any damage.